It is the second controversy over student performed incidents in a few weeks at the Beaumont Independent School District. At Thursday night's board meeting the BISD board was set to discuss Central's halftime band show in which the performers portrayed big bird, knocking out presidential candidate Mitt Romney. But it also discussed an incident at West Brook High School of which 12 News HD has exclusive video. The incident took place at a West Brook pep rally held last Friday and it has set off a whirlwind of people talking. BISD spokesperson, Ron Reynolds says three people ran across a football field, stuck a 2013 sign in the grass and ran off. One was dressed in a monkey costume and two were wearing banana costumes.

At Thursday night's board meeting, parent David Pete brought the West Brook incident to light. Telling the board they needed to look into it.

In the video 12 News HD obtained, you can see three people; one dressed in a monkey costume and two in banana costumes quickly run through a hole in a fence away from the field.

Friday, BISD spokesperson, Ron Reynolds, explained the incident.

"Three people, we don't know who they are, ran onto the field and posted a 2013 sign in the ground," said Reynolds.

The strange event has parents concerned. Pete asked the Board to take action.

"Make sure that you get the full pix and get the full evidence and a full investigation needs to be done into the incident that took place with West Brook High School and coaches that are involved there," said Pete.

Those people at the board meeting were upset because they believe it was based on an alleged bet among football coaches about which black coach would be the first to take a banana from a fruit basket given to them at the field house.

The relationship between that alleged bet and the incident at the pep rally is also still unclear. But at Thursday night's meeting board member Terry Williams asked for an investigation.

Reynolds says the incident is under investigation. Referring to Dr. Chargois he said, "He has addressed it, and there are people on his team who are looking into this incident."

Parents hope the truth will come out whether this is a childish prank or a sign of a deep rooted problem at West Brook.

Reynolds also told 12 News HD that Dr. Chargois has instructed the leaders at West Brook to look into the situation and bring forth any information they have about it as well.