As the last part of the 2007 Beaumont ISD bond project, the long awaited West Brook High School auditorium is finally finished.

The auditorium was originally supposed to open in august of 2011 but through construction delays over legal issues and workers walking off the job for non-payment, the building took almost four years to open.

The new performing arts center has an 84-foot wide stage, seating for more than 1,200 and a state of the art lighting and sound system where the students get to learn how to use what the professionals use.

"Students that want to go and do theater in college, it gives them the opportunity to learn to work with the equipment before they get there," said drama teacher Stephen Morgan. "It also gives them the opportunity to work on a huge stage and work with microphones that they may have never gotten the opportunity to do before."

Morgan says the new auditorium can be rented out to organizations in the community for a fee starting around $1,000.

This Friday and Saturday 7 p.m. the advanced theater students will be performing the comedy "Hard Candy" in the new auditorium.

The auditorium cost about $9.6 million of the more than $300 million BISD bond project.