Courtesy ABC News

First there were the "I do's," and then there was the great plunge.

Such is the wedding memory of Frank and Tricia Fearon whose entire wedding party was dumped into Georgia's Lake Lanier after the couple tied the knot May 18.

The Fearon's 29-member wedding party of bridesmaids, dressed in teal gowns, and groomsmen, dressed in suits and ties, were lined up along a dock above the lake waiting to say cheese for photos when the dock collapsed and left them screaming instead.

"The entire wedding party flips 90 degrees and just dumps all of us in the lake, suits, dresses and everything," recounted the groom, Frank Fearon.

The irony of the dock debacle was that the couple's wedding day had been overshadowed by a weather forecast calling for a 60 percent chance of rain. The couple and their friends and family thought they had beaten the odds, and stayed dry, with no rain, only to get soaked in another, completely unexpected way.

"It seemed magical that the rain held off," the bride, Tricia Fearon, told "Good Morning America." "It didn't matter because we all got dumped in the lake anyways."

Video of the wedding water fall, deemed the "wedding wetting" by guests, was captured by the wedding's videographer and shared on YouTube. The video shows the 29-member wedding party lining up on the dock one-by-one and then falling into the water in one fell swoop.

One bridesmaid suffered a fractured humorous and a dislocated shoulder in the fall while the rest of the wedding party suffered only minor bruising.

"There was lots of reason for concern at first," said Fearon. "Then as soon as we made sure everyone was okay, then it was like, okay, well, party!"

Following the bride's lead, the party did go on as the wet wedding party let the plunge dampen only their clothes, not their spirits.

"No one complained even though a lot of iPhones were damaged," Frank Fearon told "GMA." "All of them laughed it off, went and got toweled off and danced the night away."

"This was not a ruined wedding," added Tricia. "A million people came up to us and said this was the best wedding they'd ever been to."

"It was a blast," she said. "We had a lot of fun."