A Vidor mother is demanding answers after she picked up her son from Vidor Junior High School and witnessed cuts and bumps on his forehead.

She says her son did not get the adequate medical care after suffering a head injury in the schools bathroom last week.

"It was kindof mean what they did to me," said 13-year-old Raymond Vanduren, a Vidor Junior High student, in reference to how the school treated his head injury.

"I went to the sink and and there was already water on the floor and I was watching my hands and I slipped, said Raymond. "This is when I fell and hit my head on the sink."

Raymond states that the nurse released him back to class in a matter of minutes with only an ice pack.

"When I got back to class, people were telling me I had blood on my head," said Raymond.

The mother says the school neglected to give proper care to her son.

The school released a statement stating, "Raymond was assessed and treated by the school nurse who found no impairment." but, the mother claims a voicemail she received from the school suggests they knew of the impairment.

"In the voicemail, the nurse said he was dizzy, that he had fell, and he got a bump on his head and the nurse also stated that he had blood coming from his head" said the mother.

When she picked Raymond up from school, she witnessed blood on his forehead.

"So I get there and he looks at me with a daze," said the mother. "He basically didn't know where he was." 

Also, the mother denies the statement by the school that Raymond "requested to go back to class."

"Under no circumstance would my child ask to go back to class," said the mother.

The  family plans on filing a law suit against the school for failing to properly treat the injured Raymond.

Vidor Junior High School stated that they believe this incident is being blown out of proportion and are reaching out to the family.