12News has learned that Bo Kelley, the now former president of the West Brook Booster Club, has admitted to stealing at almost $30,000 of the booster club's money and is under investigation by the Jefferson County District Attorney as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Monday evening, the club's board ousted Kelley, and placed vice president Joey Hilliard in the position of acting president.

Hilliard told 12news that the treasurer looked through the books Friday and discovered that the booster club account had only $500. The treasurer contacted Kelley, and he admitted to taking the money.

Kelley spoke to 12News by phone Monday. He said the money was misused, but not stolen.

"There was no theft involved, just misuse. The account will be reimbursed tomorrow (Tuesday)," said Kelley by phone.

"I am disappointed on how this was released, but the system worked and West Brook does it right. I'm sorry if I embarrassed any families," said Kelley.

Hilliard says $17,700 was taken from the club's bank account, and $12,000 from a car wash fundraiser the boosters held before football season.

That car wash was not only to raise money for the football team, but other athletic programs.

Hilliard said there will be a forensic audit to find out exactly how much money was stolen, and then information will be taken to the DA's office for prosecution.

Uniforms have not yet been paid for, and the club does not have money now to pay organizations that helped out with the car wash.

Beaumont Independent School District superintendent, Timothy Chargois, Ed.D, announced Monday, that in light of the booster club controversies that have plagued the district, he was putting athletic director Rodney Saveat in charge of concessions at the Thomas Center.

Concession sales are a big part of fundraising for the booster clubs.

After a special report, 12News aired in November, the FBI began looking into the district's booster clubs. Several former members of Central's booster club had complained to not know where concession money raised by their booster members had gone.