Finals week ended with possible felony charges for two University of Kentucky students accused of crawling through an air duct in order to break into a professor's office and steal an exam.

University of Kentucky spokesperson Jay Blanton said that it happened after midnight on Wednesday when a statistics instructor was pulling an all-nighter.

When he returned to his office in the Multidisciplinary Science building, he found the door was barricaded by something.

"He figured out that it was someone, actually. So he yelled out that he was going to call the police, at that time the door swung open, and two young men allegedly ran out and ran away," Blanton said.

Police say shortly after, one student, Henry Lynch, returned to talk to police and confessed to breaking into the building.

He told officers that he climbed through the building's air ducts and dropped into the teacher's third-floor office.

He says he then let another student, who he identified as Troy Kiphuth, inside.

Lynch also said it wasn't the first time he had tried to steal an exam.