Two Jasper police officers have had their employment with the city terminated and charges are being filed against the two officers.

The Jasper City Council met for nearly 2 hours in an executive session Monday morning. They then made its decision to terminate employment of Officers Ricky Grissom and Ryan Cunningham.

The accusations stem from a surveillance video showing the officers and Keyarika Diggles who was arrested for an unpaid traffic ticket.

Diggles says she did nothing to provoke the officers who are seen using force in the video.

After the announcement that the two officers were terminated, the District Attorney's office dropped the resisting arrest charge against Diggles, a charge that could have landed her up to a year in jail.

"Justice for the first part is done. We want these guys prosecuted for assault against my niece," says Leroy Diggles.

Diggles' uncle says the last month has been tough for the 25-year old.

12news obtained a caller ID picture of which Diggles family says the two officers called her after the reported beating.

Diggles' uncle said he answered those calls.

"They just wanted to talk to my niece. I wouldn't allow it," he says.

Just days away from the 15th anniversary of the James Byrd Jr. dragging death, some say this case is bringing back horrifying memories within the city.

"It's stirring all this right back up. We need to stop it," says NAACP member Booker T. Hunter.

"Just as you try to heal these wounds, someone tries to throw salt in them," says Diggles' attorney Ryan Macleod.

Diggles' attorneys, along with the city, are both hoping to completely heal all wounds and move forward from the past.

"We're not going to allow this kind of conduct to take place in Jasper and it doesn't matter if you wear a badge or a gun. You still have to abide by the rules of city and laws of the land," says Jasper Mayor Mike Lout.

Diggles' attorneys say she's heroic for coming forward.

"She's a hero right now for this community and I know that all these people applaud her and agree with that," says Macleod.

Seconds after the announcement, Jasper's Chief Executive Officer had no comment on the two officers being fired.

The Bernsen Law Firm is representing Diggles. Attorneys say the District Attorney's office may call in the Texas Rangers to investigate the case.