The Texas attorney general obtained a temporary restraining order against a dating service accused of preying on the elderly, the mentally disabled and veterans.

Over the past year, many people have gone a building off Interstate 10 in Beaumont looking for love.

Thursday, 12News went there seeking answers.

Matchmaker Matchmaker is on the second floor. The company is run by Javier Luna, also known as Harvey.

Luna didn't respond to our knocks on the door, even though others in the building told us he was in the office.

We did speak to the mother of a 34-year-old mentally challenged man. She says he was conned by the dating service.

She says her son was forced to sign a more than $3,000 membership contract.

She told us, "They kept him in a room for hours and would not let him up and the only way he could leave was to sign a paper that he would pay monthly notes."

The mother, who would only identify herself as Ms. Judy, discovered the payment booklet before her son sent money to the agency, but he was out $400 he paid up front.

A hearing on this will be held in Harris County on July 19.

Anyone who's been affected by this dating service, should contact the Texas Attorney General office.