Testimony began Tuesday in the murder trial of Christopher Robin. The Port Neches man is accused of killing his roommate Wayne Beavers in November 2007.

Beavers' naked body was found beaten and bloodied on a bed inside the Port Neches home he shared with Robin. Robin says he never killed Beavers, saying that he called police after he found Beavers already dead.

Lt. Jim Walters, a former Port Neches police detective who was the lead investigator in the case, was the first witness called to the stand Tuesday. Walters testified that he believes Robin was the killer, saying that the two men were lovers, and that red marks on Robin's knuckles were consistent with those of someone involved in an assault.

Robin's defense attorney James Makin attempted to poke holes in the handling of the investigation, pointing out that the house was known to have many guests who would come and go, and that no fingerprints were taken from pill bottles and beer cans left around the house.

The second and final testimony of the day came from the much more emotional Michelle Smith, who described herself as a very good friend of Beavers'. Smith told the jury that Beavers and Robin had a "very violent relationship", and that upon hearing of her friend's death, immediately knew Robin was responsible. When asked by the defense if she knew who was at the house the day of the murder, Smith said, "Not other than here say, no".

Attorneys for both sides did not wish to comment before the end of the trial. Robin faces life in prison if convicted.

Testimony is scheduled to resume Wednesday morning in Judge Lindsey Scott's court.