12News has learned that the Texas Education Agency has planned an on-site visit to the Port Arthur Independent School District. The visit is planned for December 9 - 13.

Superintendent Dr. Mark Porterie was notified in a letter from the TEA dated Friday.

The TEA says on-site monitoring is designed to examine the origins of continued low performance and program effectiveness concerns and to identify systemic concerns that may impact student performance.

The letter says PAISD was selected for the on-site review due to, "...the identification of substantial imminent, or ongoing risks across programs monitored..."

The TEA on-site team will conduct interviews and focus group discussions, review records and other activities.

But PAISD superintendent Dr. Mark Porterie made it clear it's not like the TEA's visit to Beaumont ISD a few weeks ago.

While the TEA is looking into governance and financial concerns with BISD, Porterie describes the state agency's visit to Port Arthur as more of a progress report on certain groups of students.

Porterie said, "We look at the visit from the Texas Education Agency as a positive because it gives us an extra pair of eyes."

The visit will focus on English as a second language students, special education students and the career and technical program or CTE.

The TEA hopes to figure out why there's continuing low performance among bilingual and special ed students in career and technical courses, but Porterie says even when those students do well in those CTE classes, some of them are not succeeding in core curriculum needed to graduate.

The TEA will also visit four PAISD campuses that have failed one or more standards under the state's accountability system.

Those schools are the Memorial Ninth Grade Academy, Travis and Washington Elementaries and Wheatley School of Early Childhood.