A spokesperson for the Texas Education Agency has informed 12News that the TEA has issued its final report on Special Education of the Beaumont Independent School District.

"There are several investigations ongoing at this time, this is the final report on the special education portion," said Lauren Callahan, Information Specialist with the Texas Education Agency to 12News by phone Monday afternoon.

A letter was sent to the district Monday notifying it that the report was final.

The TEA is recommending assigning a monitor to the district to make sure that issues with BISD's special education are corrected. The items are related to the No Child Left Behind Act. Some of the items involve teacher qualifications, notification to parents of issues pertaining to teacher qualifications and having adequate staff numbers.


There are 6 corrective steps outlined by the TEA as part of the in final report.

1) The PMI (Program Monitoring and Interventions) Division is recommending to the Commissioner of Education that a monitor be assigned to the district to oversee the improvement of program effectiveness concerns and the correction of noncompliance

2) The LEA (Local Educational Agency) will develop the 2013-2014 targeted improvement plan using current data; the targeted improvement plan must include the development and implementation of all systems activities listed in the required actions of the report

3) The LEA will develop a correction action plan that outlines steps and procedures the LEA will take to correct all findings of noncompliance.

4) The LEA will inform the board of trustees in a public meeting of the noncompliance with statutory requirements identified in the report, and of actions the district will take to correct the noncompliance.

5) the LEA will report to the TEA each month of the implementation and progress of activities in the improvement plan through the district. This report will consist of written as well as oral descriptions of the data and implementation of activities.

6) The LEA will submit improvement plan with the CAP to the TEA by March 7, 2014.