12News has learned that the Chief Deputy Commissioner of Education has upheld a decision to lower the district's accreditation status.

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The TEA held a record review on June 6 to consider if the district's status should be lowered to Accredited-Probation and whether to elevate the current monitor to a conservator. Chief Deputy Commissioner Lizzette C. Gonzalez Reynolds Monday announced the status will be lowered and that the current monitor should be elevated to a conservator because the district, "demonstrates serious and persistent deficiencies in the areas of financial management, compliance with legal requirements, and special education."

Commissioner of Education Michael Williams issued the following statement today on the decision regarding the Beaumont ISD record review:

"Following a fair and impartial review of the facts, I am pleased that my decision to lower the accreditation status of the Beaumont Independent School District and to appoint a conservator in the district has been upheld. Unfortunately, my decision to appoint a board of managers and an interim superintendent continues to be delayed in court proceedings brought forth by the current board at the expense of Beaumont taxpayers. However, I remain confident that when the district's legal maneuvers have all been exhausted, a board of managers will be put in place to begin the overdue job of restoring community faith and confidence in the Beaumont Independent School District."

There is still another legal battle pending between BISD and the TEA. Board President Gwen Ambres and Board Trustee Janice Brassard are seeking an injunction to stop TEA Commissioner Williams from replacing the current elected board of trustees with an appointed board of managers.

If the injunction is granted, the TEA takeover would be postponed indefinitely pending a trial.