The technology to record video landed one teen in trouble in a way he never expected.

An Austin Middle School student is suspended after recording video on a cell phone, and his mother is outraged.

The fight broke out between two girls on the bus Friday afternoon. While students tried to break the fight up, eighth grader Trevion Gaines recorded the fight on his phone and posted it on Facebook. On Monday, school administrators suspended him from school.

The fact the fight ended up on Travion Gaines's Facebook page is not surprising to his mother, Shermane Wilson, who says students often post fights on You Tube and Facebook.

However, what upsets her is the fact her son was suspended from school for a day because of it.

Wilson says the school police took the video and had her son sign a statement admitting in writing that he posted it.

"For one, you're making him sign a statement, and you making him log onto his Facebook without me present," says Wilson.

Fights at school are nothing new, but students using their cell phones to record it and post it online is something new to be addressed.

Searching the school handbook, the mother couldn't find a specific rule addressing videos.

She says the principal told her it was a new rule.

"Type it up. Send it home. Let me sign it, and he's going to go by that. But, I didn't have a chance to so he didn't think he did anything wrong," says Wilson.

The Beaumont School District wouldn't go on camera but says the boy was suspended because of this policy: "Students shall not possess published or electronic material that is designed to promote or encourage illegal behavior."

Before the punishment, Wilson says school officials thanked her son for the recording.

"If he's not a bad kid, and this is a minor thing but helped you out to look at it, why make him suffer for it you make him miss a day of class," says Wilson.

Wilson says the suspension has left this teen athlete scared.

"He's like momma, is this going to mess up a scholarship?"

BISD says it looks at the handbook every summer to re-evaluate, and it might find that the district needs to be more clear about posting fights online.