12News has obtained a new report made by the Legislative Budget Board following a review of the Beaumont Independent School District.

It's the first report of its kind to come out since the Texas Education Agency began an investigation into the district and it lists a number of irregularities in the district.

In an executive summary the report touches on several different topics. One of which is the board of trustees operation and communication.

The report says the board lacks a formal operating structure and has ineffective communication among trustees and it has caused a divisive atmosphere of distrust. Because of this, the board can't work as a team which ultimately compromises the board's ability to correctly govern the district.

The report goes on to say that interviews with all seven trustees show that the board is divided into different groups with clear divisions along racial lines.

The LBB offers recommendations to the board to fix these problems, but there is much more listed in this report.

The legislative budget board is joint committee of the Texas legislature that has a number of responsibilities including evaluations and reviews to improve the performance of state and local operations.