It was obvious that the African-American community leaders at Antioch Missionary Baptist Church were not there to talk to the media.

Most avoided the 12News crew.

However, Port of Beaumont Commissioner Georgine Guillory did confirm they were there to discuss the Beaumont Independent School District.

Guillory said, "Just concerned about the kids, and the community cause I love Beaumont."

But the school district has been plagued with problems, including allegations of corruption.

Since last year, the Texas Education Agency has been investigating BISD.

State representative Joe Deshotel says he recently met with Texas Commissioner of Education Michael Williams for an update on that investigation.

Deshotel said, "He indicated he had made no decision regarding BISD."

Those who attended Tuesday's meeting told 12News that Deshotel was the spokesman for what went on inside.

Deshotel said he just explained to the group what the powers of the state are when it comes to taking over a school district, but also Deshotel says they talked about uniting the community, which at times has been racially divided over BISD.

He said, "I've heard that the Black community supports theft, or the Black community supports incompetence. That's ridiculous. I would never support that and neither would the other community leaders support theft, nobody does."

Deshotel also mentioned creating a citizens commission to bring the community together and find BISD solutions.