Several Southeast Texas football teams started the season Monday with the first practice of the new school year. Teams that did not participate in Spring football were able to start practicing while teams that did play in the Spring will have to wait one more week.

In the first week of practices coaches say fundamentals are important in bringing players back up to speed. Particularly, coaches can use the time to practice basics that help prevent injuries like concussions.

Coaches stress good tackling form, keeping the players head up to help avoid the brain injury. Though, players say sometimes the game of football is too fast to avoid the injury.

"I've had three concussions. Each time I was out for two to three weeks," West Brook Junior Christin Bluiett said.

Bluiett says he can speak for the new idea being brought forth by doctors that players can avoid long term brain injury if they allow the brain to fully heal from a concussion.

Coaches also say a good diet and hydration will help avoid injury because a healthy body will be able to handle the stress of sports.