Stable Spirit is the only non-profit "horse therapy" facility within a 100 mile radius and is right outside Beaumont in Rose City. The Stable Spirit motto is "Horses are living mirrors empowering positive change." With 17 rescued or adopted horses and approximately 200 volunteers, Stable Spirit founder, Katie Durio, has taken her love for horses and has created a place that reflects that motto.

11-year-old Savannah Morris gets excited for her hippotherapy class because she gets to ride horses like Eli.

Her mother, Heather Morris explains Savannah's diagnosis, "She has Goltz Syndrome. And basically what happened is her chromosomes didn't kick off in time."

That left her bound to a wheel chair as she grew.

Savannah started hippotherapy three years ago at Stable Spirit and since then she's seen tremendous progress in her mobility.

Savannah tells 12News, "This used to be my dead leg. But now I can move it more easier."

When she started therapy, Savannah had to be lifted onto the horse, but not any more. She's strong enough to climb on with very little help.

She says, "And it stretches your legs out and feels wonderful when you get off."

Founder Katie Durio has 17 horses on the property to use in the multiple types of therapy.

She explains, "We use horses to do mental, physical and emotional health work. The horses are living mirrors so they reflect the feelings, emotions, and thoughts of the people we might be working with."

Each horse is fitted to each client based on personality and needs. Savannah's mother Heather has seen the powerful connection between client and horse.

She tells 12News, "these horses are very special things. It's a refuge for the horses and the people because they need each other."

Savannah is one of 46 clients of which Dr. Rebekah Schaper has been working.

"The horse is the only animal where when you sit on it, your pelvis moves in the same manner that it does in the human gate cycle. So when you are actually sitting on a horse and you can actually feel your pelvis drop, move forward and back," said Dr. Schaper.

Stable Spirit has a waiting list of 20 clients who would like to begin work with them. And they plan to hire more therapists. They run solely on donations so if you would like to find out more information you can visit their web site at