Spectrum Cable customers in Southeast Texas are NOT going to lose the ability to just plug cable into the back of their TV in the next few weeks.

In a previous version of this story it was reported that this was the case but we have since been told by Spectrum that this information was meant for the Cleveland, Ohio, market and is not currently in the works for Southeast Texas.

If this happens in Southeast Texas it wouldn't be until at least late 2018 or in 2019 according to Spectrum's Texas regional communications director Brian Anderson.

Anderson told 12News that you currently do NOT need a digital adapter or cable box to work.

The story included other ways to watch TV as a Spectrum customer that Anderson said are all correct but are not needed as a work around to avoid paying a monthly fee.

Those other ways to watch are...

1. An IPad. With the Spectrum app, you have access to every channel in the Spectrum as well as on-demand content. But of course everyone doesn't want to walk around with an ipad to enjoy their TV service.

So let's head upstairs, I'll show you a couple more options.

2. A Roku. Turns out spectrum offers a Roku app as well. With that loaded, I can watch all my Spectrum channels and it includes a channel guide. So your Roku device doubles as a cable box. All you have to do is log in.

3. Finally, you can mirror content from the time warner app to your TV using a few different devices. Some Smart TV's include screen mirroring. Or you can add a Chromecast or AppleTV to get the same effect. All you have to do is open the spectrum cable app. And instead of watching from my phone. I swipe up activate airplay mirroring. Now it says my content is playing on the tv. Best of all, your phone acts as the remote control and TV guide all-in-one.

All 3 of these methods require you to have wifi setup in your home and all devices on the same network.