On March 4th, outside the Montage Center, the Beaumont Gusher Marathon began. But according to Richard James, the Director for Sports Society for American Health, the marathon ran into an issue.

"It was down about hundred people this year compared to previous years," said Richard James, the Director for Sports Society for American Health.

In 2015, they 1049 participants, 847 last year, and 749 this year. A 98 participant drop from the previous year. James, who also takes part in competing in the marathons says, this is a trend he's been seeing in the Southeast Texas area.

"With an area with four hundred thousand people here around the Golden Triangle, there needs to be many more people out here," said James.

Jame's concerns also come from figures that show Southeast Texas area hasn't had the best reputation when it comes to health.

"This area for years has been seen as an unhealthy area, its been ranked as the top five unhealthy areas in the country," said James.

33.8 percent of the Beaumont, Port Arthur area suffers from obesity. He believes the reason for the numbers are quite simple.

"Just a mindset," said James . "A lot of people are intimidated and they keep saying 'I will start next year or next week.' well start now!"