Following a rough presidential debate with both Trump and Clinton lashing out at each other many social media users found a third party to declare as a winner in Sunday night's debate and his name is Karl.

The debate described by some as one the most divisive ever got off to a icy start from the beginning when the candidates did not shake hands at the start.

Both candidates spent much of the debate calling the other a liar and going back and forth in a literal game of "he said-she said."

But finally at the end one lone man and his final question seemed to rise above it all.

Karl Becker stood up and asked of each candidate...

"My question to both of you is. Regardless of the current rhetoric would either of you you name one positive thing that you respect in one another?"

The question brought laughs that almost immediately turn to applause and even smiles from both candidates.

Clinton went first saying that she respect's Trump's children.

Trump followed saying that Clinton is a "fighter" who doesn't give up.

He also commented that her comment about his children was very nice.

Twitter users almost immediately lauded Becker and his question and the candidates shook hands at the end.