Two men were arrested at the Arizona/Mexico border port of Nogales last weekend while trying to smuggle drugs into the United States, one of whom allegedly using several packages of tortillas as a disguise.

On Friday, a 62-year-old Arizona man was arrested after a drug-sniffing K9 officer caught him trying to cross the border with several packages of tortillas.

Sensing something suspicious, officers stopped the man with the packages and discovered the stacks of tortillas had been hollowed out, according to Customs and Border Protection officials. Inside the stack, more than three pounds of methamphetamine were discovered, authorities said.

The next day, a 23-year-old American living in Mexico was arrested after border patrol officers found about 26 pounds of meth hidden in his truck.

In total, officers seized nearly 30 pounds of methamphetamine in the two-day period, with a street value of more than $78,000 in the separate attempts to cross the border, officers said.

Officers recovered all of the drugs along with the truck the American was driving. The evidence was turned over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations.