12News has learned that a former fire chief of the Crystal Beach Volunteer Fire Department has been indicted.

A Galveston County Grand Jury returned two indictments on former chief David Miles Loop, 56.

Loop was indicted on one charge of theft by a public servant, a 2nd degree felony, and misapplication of fiduciary property, a 3rd degree felony.

The two-count indictment is the result of a 9-month investigation by Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigation Detectives, the District Attorney's Fraud Examiner and the Public Integrity Prosecutor.

According to Sheriff Henry Trochesset, Loop used the Crystal Beach Volunteer Fire Department's credit card at a Louisiana race track and casino, spending over $25,000.00. He also misappropriated over $45,000.00 of the department's money.

Loop's bonds are set at $10,000 for the theft charge and $5,000 for the misapplication of fiduciary property charge.