For three neglected horses, rescue couldn't come soon enough. Left for dead in a fenced-in field next to an abandoned house on Maida Road in north Beaumont, officials say the animals were there for at least a couple weeks with almost nothing to eat.

"I mean how can you do that?" said Beaumont Animal Services supervisor Matthew Fortenberry.

"You're not going to go that long without eating, yourself, so how are you going to deprive another animal of that?" said Fortenbrry.

The horses skin clings tightly to their bones, and their ribs are clearly visible. Fortenberry says they found the horses around 10:30 a.m. Friday after receiving an anonymous call. They were taken to the Jefferson County Barn. Investigators do not know who owns the horses, but have received tips that they may belong to a group of teenagers.

"We're hoping that someone may have some information and can come forward with it," said Fortenberry.

Sadly, one of the horses has a cracked hoof, and can't put any pressure on it.

"We'll have to have a vet look at it, but it will most likely be put down," said Fortenberry.

A judge will decide what to do with the horses during a seizure hearing scheduled for Tuesday. If you have any information in this animal cruelty case, call Beaumont Animal Services at 409-880-3794.