Some Democrats and Republicans in Southeast Texas were glued to their seats for the Presidential Debate Wednesday.

The group, Progressive Democrats of Southeast Texas hosted a watch party at Goodfella's in Beaumont. The College Republicans of Lamar University hosted one on campus. Two gatherings for two groups with different ideals.

In the small private room of a Beaumont restaurant the Progressive Democrats closely watched the presidential debate. The group hopes to help re-elect President Obama for four years.

"His focus on education, funding, pensions, taxes, his whole philosophy," Sheila Sachitano said when asked why the group wants President Obama.

Across town at Lamar University -- the College Republicans had all eyes on Governor Romney and they plan to cast their votes for him, not just to get Romney in the White House but to get President Obama out.

"Why aren't you (President Obama) accepting that you didn't help the economy. It's in worse shape than before. You have $16 trillion in debt and increased spending," Carey Nash said.

But it's the swing voters who are expected to truly decide the 2012 Presidential Election.

Sachitano says President Obama's plan to treat the American people equally should pull those voters in Obama's favor.

"I think it's fairness and focus on taxes. Make everyone pay their fair share," Sachitano said.

Meanwhile, Nash says Governor Romney needs to focus on education.

Not just in terms of public schools and universities but also educate the public on who Governor Romney really is as a person and a candidate.

"Tonight is the perfect chance for the people to hear things coming from Romney himself, not from an Obama campaign ad," Nash said.