A prank courtesy of the senior class at Little Cypress-Mauriceville High School left some students in trouble just days before graduation.

Orange County deputies were called to the high school just after 12 a.m. Monday to find over a dozen students on school property.

Some, like Jerry Eatman ,said seniors at little LC-M high school took their senior prank too far after they got onto school grounds by climbing on the roof in the middle of the night.

"That's pretty bad," he said.

"They're seniors and that's not very good to leave something for everybody to remember."

According to LC-M High School principal Dr. Terri Estes, there was no permanent harm done, but she said authorities were called immediately after the students triggered an alarm.

"Even though this is something they thought would be a prank it is a serious offense to come to school in an unauthorized manner in the middle of the night," Estes said.

It seems some of these seniors are simply at it again.

A parent of one of the teens involved said the student who organized the scheme was also one of the ones responsible for the recent prom bus, party bust, when 40 LC-M students were caught with alcohol on an unchaperoned bus in Kemah.

That senior took to twitter to get other students on board with the prank and according to that parent she and 15 other students have been suspended just days before graduation.

However, there are still those like Brenda Spencer who say the prank was harmless and should be forgiven and forgotten.

"I think they should let it go," Spencer said. "I don't think they should be punished."

Orange County deputies said the school has not reported any damage and will not pursue charges against any of the students.

Graduation for seniors at LC-M high school is scheduled for Friday June 6. Estes said she does not think the incident will have an impact on the graduation of any student.