Over the years cars have changed, traffic rules have been re-written and some roads are completely different but some drivers age 55 and older have never looked back since they got their first licenses at 16.

And the Center for Disease Control says an average of 500 older adults are injured every day in car crashes.

The Best Years Senior Center offered an AARP course for drivers 55 years and older this morning.

Feeling like kids again 27 seniors took to their seats, back in class to refresh their minds on the rules of the road.

At today's session the seniors were learning about street signs, speed limits and how to adapt to driving as they age.

As one of the students Grace Riggs says the class has made her a better driver.

"Your reflexes are different, eye sight sometimes different, hearing sometimes different and for different people it's a matter of adapting your physical abilities to how you drive," said Riggs.

The course is offered every other month at a cost of $12 for center members and $14 for nonmembers.

The Best Years Senior Center is located at 780 S. Fourth Street.