As the founder of Save Our Children Children In Motion, Inc. Reverend J.D. Roberts has a passion for kids because he knows they are our future.

"When you have a flood of people that's willing to participate to save our future it makes all the difference in the world," said Roberts Wednesday afternoon.

Roberts hosted the 5th annual "Know Your County Courthouse" at the Jefferson County Courthouse.

This year nearly 400 children ages six to 18 heard from judges, lawyers, and law enforcement officers to learn the county courthouse is a vital part of their community.

"I know that it's a great opportunity for the children to find out more about the courthouse so if they want to be doctors, lawyers, and judges this is the perfect opportunity for them," said Sabrina Whittley who brought three of her own children and her nephew to the program.

The program's come full circle.

"I learned a lot. It really just helps kids futures and I had a good time it made me wanna come back and volunteer," said Jet'anie Grimes who attended the program last year.

Reverend Roberts' goal is to teach these children the county courthouse is not a place to fear instead it's a place to come conduct important county business and although it's a fun thing to do during summer the program's meant to have an impact that lasts beyond just today.

"Too many of them have the impression that the only time you go to the courthouse is for a ticket or any thing having to do with criminality," said Roberts.

It may have been the first time many of these kids were in the Jefferson County Courthouse but Reverend Roberts hopes if and when they return they'll be armed with confidence and knowledge.