You don't see a runaway horse within city limits very often, but that's what the people living at the Northridge Manor apartments in north Beaumont saw walking around their complex Friday morning.

Officers don't know where the horse came from, and had their hands full trying to catch it for the better part of five hours on Friday.

"A couple guys tried to rope it, and they actually tried to tranquilize it, and that didn't work. We didn't want it to get out and get hit by a car or cause an accident," said Field Supervisor Matthew Fortenberry with the Animal Services Division of the Beaumont Police Department.

Even when it looked like they had reigned the colt in, it managed to make a run for freedom.

Finally Fortenberry was able to calm the horse down long enough to get a rope around its neck.

"He was probably getting pretty tired at that point," said Fortenberry.

With its last ounce of energy, the young colt tried its hardest to avoid being locked up, putting up a struggle before 3 officers were able to get it inside an aluminum trailer.

The horse was taken to the Jefferson County barn safe and sound. The sheriff's office will bring it to auction if the owner does not come forward to claim it before a certain date.