Beaumont police are looking for two suspects who robbed a Fuddruckers in North Beaumont. Beaumont Police say that employees were tied up while the robbers stole from a vault.

"It’s scary because it’s not been like this,” said Onya Jiekegha, a Beaumont resident. “Beaumont has been a very beautiful quiet place to live.”

Jiekegha has lived in North Beaumont for six years and says the robbery shows that the area has become less safe in recent years.

"You can't imagine leaving your home and having a nice time, then all of a sudden, these group people come in,” said Jiekegha.

According to Beaumont police, the two disguised gunmen locked an employee in a back room and forced a manager to open a safe.

"That’s insane,” said Thompson, a Beaumont resident. “I can only imagine how much they went through.”

The disguised gunmen eventually fled the scene with the cash from the safe. Jiekegha says that a restaurant near a busy intersection should be the last place for anyone to worry about a robbery.

"How would you like to walk in a place and start looking around, checking who is coming after you,” said Jiekegha.

According to Beaumont police, the getaway vehicle may have had Indiana plates. Those with information about the robbery are asked to call Beaumont Crime Stoppers at 833-TIPS.