The Nederland Police Department is recommending that people who live in Mid-County start locking their vehicles and hiding their valuables. The warning comes after officers received 15 reports of car burglaries in December. Five of the burglaries happened on December 29th.

Two men were caught on surveillance video searching vehicles in the 600 block of North 28th Street.

In the early morning hours of December 29, Nichole Hardy was outside listening to her car stereo system with family members before stepping inside for a few minutes. This is when the thieves struck.

"All the money in our center consoles, all of our CD cases were taken and my car keys with house keys were stolen as well," Hardy said.

Later that night around 8:30 p.m. another burglary happened.

"My husband was watching the Texans game, we heard a honk," Courtney Cropper said.

Cropper says her parking lot became a target.

"He walked outside, there was a young black male walking. My husband started to pursue but he ran behind some houses. My husband found his work bag in the road.

The police department says these snatch and grab crimes are on the rise.

"Vehicles that have loose change, wallets, loose jewelry, handguns, laptops, purses, GPS' are a big burglar item right now," Assistant Chief of Nederland Police Gary Porter said.

Police say all the burglaries have something in common, the cars aren't locked and valuables can be seen inside.

Police advise when you get home, take your valuables with you and don't forget to lock your doors.

"People will tell you we live in Mid-County and we didn't think stuff like that happens. It does everyday," Chief Porter said.

That mindset in Mid-County is changing.

"All the neighbors know what's going on so we are all making sure everyone's stuff is locked up," Cropper said.