Earlier this month, 12News introduced you to Beaumont Independent School District teacher, Velina Johnson.

Johnson has a doctorate, and she claims she's been overlooked for promotions because she questioned why some students at an "exemplary" campus could not read.

She sued BISD.

Since our story aired, we've been hearing from teachers who say unqualified people have been getting positions that better prepared employees have been denied.

We were told that Reginald Green and Kevin Wayne Johnson were appointed interim assistant principals at Ozen High School.

According to the State Board for Educator Certification web site, neither man is certified to hold a principal's position.

A BISD spokesman checked with the Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Schools, Patricia Lambert. He told us Lambert claimed the men were teachers at Ozen, not assistant principals.

When we produced an Ozen graduation program showing Green and Johnson listed as interim assistant principals, we were told that it was a mistake made by the school's activities director.

However 12News obtained a program of Ozen's awards day ceremony, which took place on May 29th, a week-and-a-half before the graduation.

It also shows Johnson and Green listed as interim assistant principals, and specifically over 9th graders.