Animal rescuers in Groves say it's the biggest group of dogs they've ever saved. Ten Labrador-mix puppies, just 5 weeks old, and their mother Lillie Belle, are headed to New Jersey on Saturday.

Neighbors found the dogs abandoned at a duplex on Elm Avenue in Groves about 2 weeks ago.

"They were just left like trash," said Debbie Jones, a member of the rescue group Mid-County Paws of Hope.

Jones says the group tried for two weeks to find the dogs a home, but didn't have any luck.

"We tried locally, we tried in Houston," said Jones.

They soon began fearing the animals would have to be put down, until Monmouth County SPCA, an animal rescue in New Jersey, offered to give all eleven refuge until permanent homes can be found.

"We see a lot of things that don't come to pass, but this was a good story, to save eleven dogs at one time is quite amazing," said Jones.

In a surprising twist to the story, it turns out Lillie Belle had not ten, but eleven puppies, and one of them is living right next door to its old home.

Kimberly Berna and her fiance Jeffery found the eleven puppies with their mother, but one disappeared before the group was taken to the Mid-County Animal Shelter.

"We had a bad storm, and after it passed, we found little Blue underneath our house. He was crying," said Berna.

They instantly fell in love with little Blue, and have been caring for him for two weeks. Berna was worried Blue's family had been euthanized, and had no idea they were headed to New Jersey until we told her on Friday.

"I'm speechless, never in a million years did I think you were going to show up and tell me that they [were rescued]. I feel blessed to have one of her babies," said Berna.

Blue will stay in Groves, but the rest will be flown from Orange to New Jersey Saturday thanks to "Pilots 'N Paws".

Lillie Belle tested positive for heartworms, but she's expected to be okay. A veterinarian says all the puppies are in good health.