Every week we show you wonderful animals that need to be adopted into their forever homes. To that end we profiled a pit bull mix named Spartacus in our Paws for Pets segment four times in 2011. Even though he is a loving dog with a great personality, he was at the shelter for more than four months before Liz Minter looked past his breed and into the eyes of the her next family member.

"I will never get a quote unquote pure bred dog. There are just too many out there that need to be adopted. I just think it's the right thing to do," said Minter.

So Liz began her search on line saw a picture of Spartacus and then went to visit him at the Humane Society of Southeast Texas.

"When I walked by, he was just laying on his bed and I called him and he got up very slowly and walked toward us, wagged his tail," said Minter.

And that wag was just about all it took, but she had another dog in mind too.

Minter said, "The other dog didn't quite have it."

As everyone should do, Liz took a second trip to visit Spartacus. This time, she brought her two sons, David and Logan.

David said, "He as just all lovely on me. like he is right now and I could tell he wanted to be our dog as much as we wanted him to be our dog."

And Logan said, "He already knew that we were gonna treat him right and so he was glad to come into our family.."

Now as a member of the family, Spartacus spends his days taking walks and playing with David and Logan.

"He loves to go out. he's very people friendly and pet friendly." But the transition wasn't all easy going, she says, "It's like with kids, you just gotta work with them and understand what works for them and you," said Minter.

And his match is obviously working for pet and his people. Minter said, "He just smiles. You can see when he is looking just happy and he smiles at you."

For more information on adoptable dogs and cats, or to volunteer to help them find forever homes, Visit the Humane Society of Southeast Texas located on Spindletop Road in Beaumont.