Among all of the 9/11 events Tuesday Lumberton first, second and third graders spent their morning honoring the first responders of Hardin County.

Through songs, parades, performances and the walls lined with thank you notes students, not only learned about 9/11, they were given the opportunity to show their appreciation for local police, EMS and firemen.

"Because they can save your life. They save peoples lives," said Lumberton student Jenna McCullough.

McCullough and her third grade class wrote a poem for the first responders in remembrance of lives lost 11 years ago today.

"People that were bad got in planes going to kill lots of people and they did."

"These students here weren't alive when that happened but I think it's important for them to learn how important this day is," said police officer Trey Brothers.

As a patrolman for the Lumberton police department Brothers was excited to see so many students learning about 9/11 and the duties of first responders at such a young age.

"It helps them learn what each division does, police, EMS, fire," said Brothers.

"They are the people that help us stay alive," said Lumberton student Joel Sims.

After performing for these lifesavers third grader Joel Sims had a message for all of the first responders.

"Thank you for keeping people safe now from injuries, fire and robbers."

A thank you goes a long way, maybe even more, from children who were not yet born on that fateful day.

All of the thank you letters and drawings that lined the walls were made by Lumberton Junior High and High School students, so they were able to illustrate their gratitude as well.