Port Neches police are still looking for the thief or thieves that stole a safe full of money last night from the community's little league baseball field. Micheal Reeves, the president of the Port Neches Little League says, the thief or thieves knew what they were after.

"It was the safe, it was the intent to take the safe and that's really all they did," said Reeves.

Reeves says, the culprit or culprits stole more than just money, but stole from over three hundred kids who play in the little league.

"You're not stealing from the league, said Reeves. "You're stealing from these kids."

The rolling door on the concession stand next to the field was pushed open. This allowed the safe to be stolen.

"We provide uniforms, we provide bases, we provide the use of the facility, lights," said Reeves. "All that costs money and that was the money that was stolen."

The thief or thieves ended up kicking through the main office door but was not able to get past the security bars. Reeves says that was a good thing because the main office building hold hundreds supplies for the kids who play in the little league."

"The damage they did to the door, that can be replaced," said Reeves.

However, Reeves says the rip-off has also damaged the city's reputation.

"When you have something like this happens, it just puts a damper on things on whats really going on in our complex," said Reeves.

This morning, the league has asked police to file charges on those responsible. Reeves says,the charges will be dropped if the safe and money are simply returned.