The Jefferson County Grand Jury indicted a Port Arthur woman, Wednesday, on drug possession charges and for resisting search.

Precious White, also known as Betty Lynn Clay, 37, was pulled over in July. She was in the passenger seat of her own truck and consented to a search of her car.

During the search officers saw White trying to hide something in her shorts and she was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia.

White was then searched by a female officer and, during the search, White concealed an object in her genitals. The officer was unable to retrieve the object, and White denied having hidden anything inside her body.

She was taken to the Jefferson County Correctional Facility, but they could not remove the object because of its location. A search warrant was issued and then carried out by hospital staff.

White was uncooperative and doctors had to take an X-ray image of her abdomen to confirm that she did actually have something in her genitals. The doctors sedated White in order to remove the object from her body cavity.

The object taken from White's genitals was a yellowish, metal cylindrical container with a twist-off lid containing methamphetamine.