A homicide at the Louis Manor Apartment complex in Port Arthur yesterday has sparked neighborhood concerns. Some people are saying a heavier police presence is needed.

"I believe police are doing what they supposed to be doing," said Allen Albrie, a Port Arthur resident.

Albrie is a 40 year resident of Port Arthur and says that the homicide yesterday morning at the Louis Manor apartments doesn't surprise her.

"In this case, the area they were going to is always something going on over there," said Albrie.

34-year-old Ronnie Jacobs was shot and killed near the complex yesterday morning which sparked outrage by some in the community toward police.

"I think police need to patrol more as far as crime goes," said Rashad Hampton, a Port Arthur resident.

Earlier this month, the Port Arthur Police Department hosted a community gathering at the public library on what residents and police can do to make the city safer. They also played a part in a community outing with residents, which allowed residents to build trust with officers.

"It's not always police department, you can't blame the police department," said Albrie.

Those who would like more information on upcoming community events, can go to the Port Arthur police department's Facebook page.