Officials with the Port Arthur Independent School District are considering millions of dollars of improvements to school campuses.

The 2014 Master Planning list includes $23,055,000 to replace Sam Houston Elementary, another $23,055,000 to replace William Travis Elementary and $14,290,000 to add on to the existing Tyrrell Elementary school.

A bond committee presented the list to the board of trustees Thursday at 6 p.m. during a budget workshop.

"We need to enhance some of the facilities that we have that currently are woefully inadequate for our children's education," committee member John Beard told 12News Thursday.

Officials are also considering district-wide technology infrastructure improvements, renovations to the athletic complex and upgrades to equipment. The grand total of all improvements under consideration is estimated at $194,531,805.

"This is going to be done without a tax increase, $195 million without a tax increase. Simply because we have the necessary capacity to do so, we're paying off the previous bond issue we had at an accelerated rate," said Beard.

The board of trustees on August 14 will decide if the measure should be placed on the November ballot.