Charges are pending Wednesday for a 17 year old Memorial High School student.

Jefferson County authorities say the student assaulted an instructor and director of the Motiva Youth Training Academy at Port Arthur's Memorial High School.

The attack was reported shortly after school Monday.

Dr. Brenda Coleman is the director of the Motiva Academy, and she had a harrowing tale for everyone on Facebook on Tuesday. She describes being attacked by a "drug induced student".

Precinct 8 Constable Eddie Collins is leading the investigation, and said, "The student apparently left school and probably got some illegal drugs in his system, and came back, came to the rear building of the high school, and when an instructor was talking to him to let him in, he assaulted an instructor."

Dr. Coleman says she went to help, and was hit so hard she was knocked to the floor. Constable Collins says the student admitted to smoking synthetic marijuana.

"He was jumping up and down right here in front of the school, and I was just passing by, and you could tell by his can tell when somebody's not normal, and that dude wasn't normal," said a man who drove by the school before everything happened.

Dr. Coleman says she was taken to the hospital, with bruises to the face and neck. Deputy constables who responded arrested the student.

Constable Collins says he still has questions.

"We are going to try to find out exactly where the drugs might have come from, did he get them from somewhere around the school? At the school?" he said.

The other assault victim has been identified as Richard Gohlke, a teacher at the academy. Constable Collins told me he saw Gohlke Tuesday and he had stitches on his face.

Constable Collins said he could not release the name of the student until formal charges are filed. He says the student will be charged as an adult with two counts of assault on a public servant. If convicted he could face 5 to 10 years in prison.