On Friday, September 27 the Port Arthur Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club will be shutting down their after school program for the next three months.

The organization was refused a state childcare license after failing to meet all requirements.

Now, Port Arthur's Boys and Girls Clubs will operate under a less strict "exempt licensing status."

Filing exempt means they can only charge $7.50 a week for each child instead of the current $25 causing a financial strain.

"It's going to be a hard road but we really feel like this building is here for a reason, they built this building - the community did, and that's the way we need to go, that's the way we need to go," said Major Nancy Fuller with the Salvation Army. "We'll just trust The Lord that he's going to bring us through it and trust the community that they're going to support it."

Fuller says they're looking for ways to raise money through grants, child sponsorships and donations.

The Boys and Girls Club after school program will reopen January 6th.

Until then the Salvation Army will host computer classes for seniors on Mondays and Thursdays from one to 2:30 p.m.

And they'll open the facility on Friday evenings for the community to use the game room.

If you'd like to donate call 409-983-2229.