One man is in custody and two more suspects are still at-large after two homes were burglarized in the "Old Town" historic district of Beaumont.

Police have identified the suspects, but have not yet released their names or pictures.

A man whose own home was burglarized last week helped his neighbors who fell victim to the same crime. That man said he saw three men at a neighbors house he knew didn't live there and called the police.

Once police arrived, they chased the men on foot. They were able to catch one of the suspects.

Police say the stolen items they recovered include guns, jewelry and purses.

Burglary Detective Tina Lewallen said it's a good thing the neighbors are looking out for each other.

"They're hyper-vigilant and they did what they're supposed to do" she said. "They saw something out of the norm and they called the police, thank goodness they did we were able to catch one."

An officer was injured in a struggle during the arrest. He suffered a broken finger but was taken to the emergency room and treated.