A Beaumont police officer responding to a 911 hang up call says he found a naked man breaking windows at a house Thursday morning.

Just before 4 a.m. dispatchers received 911 call from a pay phone in the 4000 block of Park. The caller hung up on the operator. When an officer went to check out the location from where the call came, he said he saw a naked man run to a house and break out the windows. The man got inside the house and a woman who lives there was able to run outside .

Officers surrounded the house and took the man into custody.

The man was taken to the hospital and evaluated. He was then taken to the Jefferson County Jail and booked in for criminal trespassing.

Police identify the man as Kendrick Johnson, 32, of Beaumont.

A police spokesperson says the house belongs to one of Johnson's family members and that he had already been trespass warned.

The police spokesperson said Johnson was on PCP at the time of the incident.