On Monday kids will be heading back to school. So if you're driving through a designated school zone during certain hours of the day, keep an eye out for students, and slow down to 20mph... or else.

"They're going to pull you over and you'll be given a citation," Beaumont Police Officer Jose Ornelas told 12News Saturday.

Using your cell phone while driving in a school zone is strictly prohibited, and it could land you a $200 fine. Police recommend that people invest in hands-free devices for cell phones.

It's not just those behind the wheel who need to be attentive. Students need to make sure they're being careful too.

"They need to make sure that they don't walk between (stopped) cars or cut across the street where they're not supposed to," said Ornelas. "Use the crosswalks, cross at the intersection, and make sure that you look both ways."

With parents dropping off and picking up their kids, the school year can also lead to more traffic congestion in the mornings and afternoons. So be patient, plan accordingly, and remember it's not about getting to your destination as fast as you can...

"It's all about kids' safety," said Ornelas.