Residents of a north end neighborhood near Lawrence Drive say they're concerned about the conditions of the roads there.

Passing through the area driving on Lawrence, Piny Point and Sherwood in particular you may notice there are a lot more cracks and bumps than there used to be.

The city says a company called Cross Tex is building a natural gas pipeline in the area and the heavy equipment trucks have damaged the roads.

Living on Lawrence Drive for 20 years Westley Pollard is upset to see his streets being torn up.

"You can see the weight of these vehicles, these 18 wheelers, the heavy equipment that they brought in where the street is cracking," said Pollard, "and it's not because of just normal wear and tear of vehicles it's the heavy trucks."

Public Works Director Patrick Donart says as part of the contract the pipeline company has to repair any damage they cause to the roads.

Donart says Cross Tex will pay the city to fix the roads when they're done with their work, which he expects to be at the end of August.

In the meantime residents are left to deal with the damaged roads.