Wednesday marked the second day of witness testimony in the murder trial of Christopher Robin, who is accused of beating his roommate, Wayne Beavers, to death in their Port Neches home in November 2007.

Wednesday, the coroner who performed Beavers' autopsy, Dr. Tommy Brown, testified that Beavers' death was caused by either strangulation, a crushed chest, a fractured skull, or a combination of the three.

Robin claims he came home to find Beavers already dead.

Investigators have described the men's home as "absolutely filthy", and that as many as 10 guests would stay there at once.

Also testifying Wednesday was forensic scientist Steve Mayes with the Jefferson County Regional Crime Lab, who processed evidence collected from the scene. Mayes testified that dried blood was found on items all over the house, including a door knob, faucets of both the kitchen and bathroom sinks, and a pizza box. Mayes said that there was no way of knowing how long the blood had been on the items.

In a messy home known for having frequent guests, defense attorney James Makin asked Mayes why items like beer cans were not tested for fingerprints and cigarette butts found in a beer bottle were not sent off for DNA testing. Mayes said his office does no "do fingerprints" and that those items were not deemed relevant to the investigation.

Mayes also confirmed a "rape kit" was used that found traces of blood in Beavers' mouth and anus. That blood was never sent off for testing though, the report saying because it likely didn't belong to anyone other than the victim. Makin asked Mayes if it had been tested and found to be someone's blood other than Beavers' or Robin's, if that would be important evidence. Mayes responded, "I suppose so".

Tuesday a former Port Neches police detective testified that Robin and Beavers were lovers and that marks on Robin's knuckles were consistent with those found on someone involved in an assault.

Testimony continues Thursday at 9 a.m.