A cell phone application could be opening your children's eyes to obscene material and it's causing concern in some parents.

In late January twitter rolled out the "Vine" app. It lets users post and view video clips that are up to six seconds long. The app's download screen warns that users could come across anything from drug references to sexual content and nudity.

And while the app is gaining popularity with teens some parents fear that six seconds could be too long.

"My boys don't like that I monitor it so much but there are things I find alarming and there's actually kids I don't let them hang out with based on what I've seen on social media," Nederland Mother Stephanie Abrego said.

Abrego also fears Vine could be a way for sexual predators to get closer to young children.

The app has a restriction age of 17-years-old but, no way of verifying someone's age.

The restriction came after a recent update following a controversy when a six second pornographic video made it to the "editor's pick" section of the app.

The Vine community can flag clips to clean up what they see in the feed but users are still able to search and find whatever they want to see.