A Beaumont couple is pressing charges against two elected officials after an exchange outside last Thursday's Beaumont I.S.D. school board meeting.

A You Tube video posted by user "Fred James" edited to look like an amateur movie highlights Beaumont Councilman Mike Getz and B.I.S.D. Trustee Mike Neill claiming both are bullies.

"To me it shows they are not stable enough to be elected officials," Jimmy Herrington said.

The original cell phone video was shot by Herrington's wife, Paula.

Jimmy Herrington passed out these flyers at Thursday's school board meeting.

The flyer attacks Neil, noting the January 16th meeting when Neil flips off Jimmy during public comments.

As well as Neil's confrontation with Communications Director in October. Getz was present when that took place.

"Here's my point. If he can push Mrs. Haynes and get away with it he can push my wife, your wife and get away with it. It's bullying," Herrington said.

Neil said Thursday the Herrington's won't stop attacking him spurring his latest reactions.

"It's not professional and not needed but I'm not going to let someone just sling mud at me," Neil said.

The Herrington's problems with Neil and Getz date back to last year when the couple claims both elected officials sent emails to teachers telling them to come forward and report cheating in schools.

Paula, a teacher, filed a grievance against Neil alleging he created a hostile work environment.

Hours before the grievance would be heard in a special meeting, Getz filed an injunction in court and won.

Paula later withdrew the grievance. Neil contends he apologized to Paula once already.

Getz says he regrets his actions seen in the You Tube video.

The Councilman gave 12News a statement saying "Herrington went to the meeting to provoke a reaction. I regret letting myself get to that position. It was stupid and shouldn't have happened. I'm not going to allow myself to be baited by Jimmy (Herrington) again.

Getz who is also an attorney says the charges won't hold up in court because the words exchanged and Neil's gesture to Herrington are protected forms of free speech.

Beaumont I.S.D. Police say the case will be forwarded to the Beaumont municipal court.