Port Arthur police officers spent the day training with new body cameras. But, the cameras are not your average ones.

"This was something new that was brought to us and was something they just developed in the past couple months,” said Michael Fratus, the Chief Deputy for the Port Arthur Police Department.

The new body cams from "Utility" are designed to be better than most. It begins recording when it detects gunshots or if an officer is lying on the ground for more than 15 seconds.

"We have the most state of the art system as far as body cameras go,” said Daniel Ramsden, a trainer for Utility. "It’s an automotive system and it works on a lot of automotive triggers."

The new body cam allows it to be mounted inside the uniform, fixing the issue of it falling out during a foot pursuit.

"The body cam adds a new aspect of accountability not only for the officers, but also for the community,” said Fratus.

The cameras are designed to be left "on" at most times. However, they can be manually turned “on” or “off.”

"We will be able to respond to any type of situations that go on, whether that be a complaint, we will have it all right there at the touch of our fingertips,” said Fratus.

On August 1st, the officers will start wearing a wrist watch that will allow them to activate and deactivate the body cam.