When it comes to safety, Port Arthur Independent School District interim superintendent Dr. Mark Porterie is not afraid to call the fashion police.

Porterie told 12News the district has always had a dress code adopted by the school board, but he admits it's not always been properly enforced. But with the upcoming school year less than two weeks away, Porterie is making sure parents and students know what kids can and cannot wear to class.

He's focused on two clothing items that he believes jeopardize safety. Those items are hoodies and cargo pants or cargo shorts.

Porterie says hoodies prevent school officials from identifying students' faces on surveillance cameras if there is an incident, and he acknowledges the Trayvon Martin case has heightened concerns about hoodies.

"You have students, even though they're innocent, because they have hoodies on, they're saying they maybe doing something," said Porterie.

As for cargo pants or cargo shorts, Porterie said the big pockets can be used to hide dangerous items.

Student athletes will also not be allowed to wear team hoodies during class.

Porterie says he's in talks with vendors who might be able to offer parents and students alternative jackets and caps at affordable prices.

Dr. Porterie is also hosting a public meeting for parents and the community 9 a.m. Thursday in the administration building on 9th Avenue. He said the dress code, safety and other school issues will be up for discussion.