The Port Arthur Independent School District is aware it has issues with discipline that need addressing.

This past school year saw several fights at area schools, and even physical confrontations between students and teachers.

So Wednesday morning a select group of students, parents, teachers and administrators met at the Central Administration building to discuss the issue and brainstorm ways to improve disciplinary management.

The issues discussed ranged from dress code violations to a need for parents and teachers to build stronger relationships with students.

One elementary school teacher said she wishes there was an easier process to remove unruly students from her classroom.

"Certain campuses... we don't have in-school suspensions, we don't have detentions," said Mary Anne LeBlanc, a 4th grade teacher at Sam Houston Elementary School. "I can take away computer time, I can take away little things in the classroom but other than it's out of my hands."

"First we have to focus on what makes a child act out," said Rodney Eddie, who has a granddaughter at a PAISD middle school. "If we attack these problems before they become real dramatic, then I think all of our students can be successful."

Interim Superintendent Dr. Mark Porterie said there will another meeting to discuss disciplinary policies later this summer that will be open to the public.